Maybe you lost your rules or inherited a game with missing rules. Maybe you‘re just curious about how to play a game before you buy it. Whatever the reason, we have rules for you!

7 Safari™

Alien Hot Shots®

Ask the Genie®

Aunt Millie's Millions™ [english & español]

Baba Yaga [english & español]

Big Top™

Bingo Link [english & español]

Blast Off™


Bzz Out™

Can You See What I See? Finders Keepers Game [english & español]

Captain Clueless™ [english & español]

Castle Keep™

Cha-Cha Chihuahua

Check Out!™ [english & español]

Chef Pop de Pop™ [english & español]

Chomp!™ [english & español]

City Square Off™ [english & español]


Combo King™

Cows Can't Dance

Cube Quest™

Cuckoo Zoo™

Deluxe Card Holder Set

Dish it Up!®

Dodge Dice™ [english & español]

Dog Dice™ [english & español]


Duck Duck Bruce™ [english & español]

Dweebies™ [english & español]

Elephant's Trunk™ [english & español]


Feed the Kitty™ [english & español]

Fill 'er Up!®


Flashlights & Fireflies™


FlipOut™ [english & español]

Forbidden Desert™

Forbidden Island™

Fowl Play™

Frog Juice™

Funny Business™

Game, Set, Match!™ [english & español]

Go Away Monster! [english & español]

Go Bananas!™ [english & español]

Go Nuts For Donuts!

Go Nuts!™ [english & español]

Go Nuts!™ [english & español]

Granny Apples™


Hack Attack™

Hang Four™ [english & español]

Hats Off™ [english & español]

Hide and Eeek!™ [english & español]

Hisss™ [english & español]

Hit or Miss™

Hocus Focus™ [english & español]

Honor of the Samurai®

Horse Show™

Hula Hippos™ [english & español]

Ice Blocks®


In a Pickle™


Joe Name It™

K-9 Capers™ [english & español]

Ka-Ching!™ [english & español]

King Toad™ [english & español]

Kit & Caboodle™

Kitty Corners™ [english & español]

Knock Your Blocks Off™ [english & español]

Leaping Lizards™

Lickety Split™ [english & español]

Lilly's 3 For All

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse Game


Luck of the Draw™

Lucky Catch™

Make it Up!® [english & español]

Match of the Penguins™ [english & español]

Maya Madness™ [english & español]

Mermaid Beach™ [english & español]

Mike Mulligan™ Dig It!

Mike Mulligan™ Opposites

Monster Cafe™ [english & español]

Mummy Rummy™

On the Dot™ [english & español]

Order's Up!™ [english & español]





Play Ball™

Polar Derby™ [english & español]

Pool Sharks™ [english & español]

Pounce!™ [english & español]

Pyramix™ [english & español]


Quests of the Round Table™


Qwixx™ [english & español]

Ranglin' Rabbits™ [english & español]

Rat-a-Tat Cat™ [english & español]

Rat-a-Tat Cat™ Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition


Ring-O Flamingo™ [english & español]

Rolling America™ [english & español]

Rory's Story Cubes®


She's Charmed & Dangerous™ Card Game [english & español]

She's Charmed & Dangerous™ Totally Cosmic Card Case

Skunk Bingo™ [english & español]


Slamwich™ Collector's Edition [english & español]

Sleeping Queens™

Sleeping Queens™ Anniversary Edition [english & español]


Sounds Like a Plan™

Space Race™

Splish Splash!™ [english & español]

Stampede!™ [english & español]

Step to It™ [english & español]

Stone Soup®

Suds - Now Titled Fling

Sumo Ham Slam™ [english & español]

Super Tooth™ [english & español]

Surprise!™ [english & español]

Sushi Go Party!™

Sushi Go!™

Take the Cake™ [english & español]


That's It!™

Thataway!™ [english & español]

The Big Fat Tomato Game™

The Curse of the Ruby Rhino™ [english & español]

The Legend of Landlock™

The Scrambled States 2™

The Scrambled States of America Game - Deluxe Edition

The Scrambled States of America™ Game

There's a Moose in the House™

Thing-a-ma-Bots™ [english & español]

This Big!™ [english & español]

Three of a Crime™ [english & español]

Tiki Topple™ [english & español]

Tiki Topple™

Too Many Monkeys™ [english & español]

Toot and Puddle Game

Top Speed™ [english & español]

Toss Your Cookies™ [english & español]

Turn The Tide™

Uglydoll™ Card Game [english & español]

Who Would Win™

Wig Out!™ [english & español]

Wig Out™ [english & español]

Zeus on the Loose™

Zip Zap™ [english & español]

Zoom™ Out!



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