Frequently Asked Questions:

I never got/misplaced/can't find/my dog ate the rules to one of your games. Is it possible to get a replacement?

Absolutely. You can download free copies of all of our game rules directly from our website by visiting our Rules Page.

Where can I purchase your games?

Gamewright games are available at over 2000 game, specialty toy, educational, and book stores around the world. To find your nearest Gamewright retailer, visit our Where to Buy section.

I love playing [Insert Game Title] but for some reason I no longer see it listed on your website. What happened?

Every so often, when a game has earned its wings, we send it off to retirement. This is a very happy place where our games spend the rest of their years - the sun always shines and no one ever loses. Fear not, however, as we are continually coming out with new and exciting games! Visit our What's New page for all the details.

Rat-a-tat Cat: At the end of the game, after someone knocks, if another player gets a swap card, can they swap with the person who knocked?

Yes. A swap card can be played at any time during the game, even after someone says, "Rat-a-tat Cat!"

The Legend of Landlock: In scoring at the end of the game, if I have two separate paths/streams that don't connect but each connects two sides of the board, can I score twice?

No. Since the object of the game is to connect all four sides of the board with a single path or stream, you may only choose one of the paths/streams and score for it. (In that case you would score 5 points for connecting two sides).



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