Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I purchase your games?

Gamewright games are available at over 2000 game, specialty toy, educational, and book stores around the world. To find your nearest Gamewright retailer, visit our Where to Buy page.

I never got/misplaced/can't find/my dog ate the rules to one of your games. Is it possible to get a replacement?

Absolutely. You can download free copies of all of our game rules directly from our website by visiting our Rules Page.

My game did not come with all the pieces. What do I do?

Please send us a message with your full name and mailing address, the name of the game, which pieces you need, and the date code (number above the barcode) of your game. (This helps make sure the replacement pieces match your copy of the game.)

I love playing [Insert Game Title] but for some reason I no longer see it listed on your website. What happened?

Every so often, when a game has earned its wings, we send it off to retirement. This is a very happy place where our games spend the rest of their years - the sun always shines and no one ever loses. Fear not, however, as we are continually coming out with new and exciting games! Visit our What's New page for all the details.

I lost pieces of the game. Can I buy more?

Yes! Please send a $5.00 check (US bank accounts only) along with a description of the parts you need to:

Replacement Parts c/o Gamewright 250 Royall St. Suite 310W Canton, MA 02021

You can send in for any number of parts this way. Please include your phone number or e-mail address so we can contact you if we have questions. Please note if the game is out of print we may not have parts available.

Rat-a-tat Cat: At the end of the game, after someone knocks, if another player gets a swap card, can they swap with the person who knocked?

Yes. A swap card can be played at any time during the game, even after someone says, "Rat-a-tat Cat!"

The Legend of Landlock: In scoring at the end of the game, if I have two separate paths/streams that don't connect but each connects two sides of the board, can I score twice?

No. Since the object of the game is to connect all four sides of the board with a single path or stream, you may only choose one of the paths/streams and score for it. (In that case you would score 5 points for connecting two sides).

Outfoxed: My rulebook says the Thief cards should have red and green dots but mine only have green dots. Is my game defective?

We changed the Thief cards after the initial print run to make the game more accessible to colorblind people, but due to an error some copies of the game did not have updated rules. If your cards only have green dots, then green means the thief is wearing that item, and white means they are not.

Qwixx: If the active player locks a row, can other players still use it that round?

Yes. After the round in which a row is locked the die is removed from play, then that row cannot be used anymore.

Dragonwood: How many Adventurer cards do I need to play to make a capture attempt?

You may play any number of Adventurer cards—even as few as one! But the most you’d ever want to play is six, since there are only six dice in the game.

Sushi Go: How exactly do the Chopsticks work?

When you reveal the Chopsticks, they have no immediate effect. On any future hand, instead of picking one card as normal, you make pick any two cards at once from the same hand. If you do so, take the Chopsticks card off the table, and put it back into the current hand before you pass it on.

Sushi Go: I got six dumplings in one round! How many points is that worth?

Dumplings can only score a maximum of 15 points each round, even if you get more than five. Nice job collecting them, though!

Forbidden Island: I have the Helicopter Lift card, which allows the movement of “one or more pawns on the same tile.” Does one of those pawns have to be my own?

No. As long as the group of pawns moving all start and end on the same tiles, the person who played the Helicopter Lift does not need their pawn to be in that group.

Forbidden Desert: Can I play Equipment cards while revealing Storm cards?

Yes. Equipment cards can be played any time, even in between two Storm cards. However, Equipment cannot be used to negate a Storm card that has just been revealed. For example, if a Sun Beats Down card is revealed, a Solar Shield may be played, but the Sun Beats Down card would still take its effect before the Solar Shield is active.

Go Nuts for Donuts: Why does the Maple Bar have stars around its box? And how many points is it worth?

The stars around the box are a typo; play as if they aren’t actually there. The Maple Bar is worth 3 points if its condition is met at the end of the game (not 2, as in the rulebook). Remember that the Maple Bar itself counts toward its scoring requirement of more than six types.

Sleeping Queens: It’s my turn, and I only have Dragons and Wands in my hand. What can I do?

Remember that on your turn, you always have the option to discard any one card from your hand, then draw one card. If your hand has only Dragons and/or Wands, this is your only option for that turn.



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