Cha-Cha Chihuahua™

The Game of Dancing Doggies

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ChaCha ChihuahuaTM
ChaCha ChihuahuaTM
ChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTM
ChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTMChaCha ChihuahuaTM

Cha-Cha Chihuahua™

The Game of Dancing Doggies

Jump, jive, and wag your tail! Draw cards to get these peppy perritos to join your doggy dance-a-thon. Paw away another player's pups with some fetching food, but watch out for “siesta” cards that will send your dog-tired dancers straight to the Nap Shack! End the party with the most Chihuahuas on your dance floor and you're the cha-cha-champ!

  • 4+
  • 2-4
  • 15 min
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About the Game

We love games that promote silliness. And what could be sillier than a pack of Chihuahuas that love to dance the Cha-Cha?! Inventors Rosie and Josh Roberson were inspired by their own dancing Chihuahua, Piccolo, to create this wonderfully whimsical game that helps pre-school children to hone color identification, as well as fine and gross motor skills.


  • 30 cards
  • 20 Chihuahua figurines
  • 4 dance floors
  • 1 nap shack
  • Rules of Play


  • fine motor skills
  • visual discrimination


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