Baba Yaga

An Enchanting Card Game

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Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga
Baba YagaBaba YagaBaba Yaga
Baba YagaBaba YagaBaba YagaBaba YagaBaba YagaBaba Yaga

Baba Yaga

An Enchanting Card Game

Behold the saga of Baba Yaga! Use spells, potions, and a bit of luck to capture the legendary sorceress. Summon an enchanted owl or a plucky pelican to help you, but only if you can concoct the proper potions first. Think strategically and stay alert, because the card game could end at any moment! Get the lowest score and conjure up a win!

  • 8+
  • 2-5
  • 15 min
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About the Game

For those who don’t recognize the title, Baba Yaga is a legendary character from Slavic folklore. There is much debate surrounding both the origins of the name as well as the details of tale, but by all accounts it is a colorful story full of many twists and turns. Inventor Itay Ben Ari captured the essence of its mystical origin in this cleverly designed card game, concocted with the perfect combination of elements - chance, strategy, and surprise. Artist Dima Je’s bold illustrations punctuate a sense of other-worldly enchantment. We hope you can feel a part of the magic as you play!



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