Stand with Ukraine - Special Happy City "Kyiv" Card

Mar 18, 2022

Last year, our Ukrainian publishing partner chose to localize Happy City in their country. However, they had one significant request: replace the "bonus building" card that features Moscow's Red Square with a Ukraine-centric landmark. Honoring their wishes, our partner reached out to the game's artist who illustrated a vibrant scene that incorporates the iconic Golden Gate of Kyiv along with a monument of Yaroslav the Wise (one of the most famous princes of Kyiv). But just as production was about to start, the conflict escalated, leading up to the tragic situation we now know. As a result, Happy City cannot be released in Ukraine.

Inspired by the actions of our dear partners at Cocktail Games and believing that every little bit helps, we decided to translate this symbolic card into English and offer it as a special release in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine. For a $5 donation, you can get the card and we will contribute all of the proceeds to Global Giving's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.



Thanks for your generosity and support!



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