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The Ruff Surfin' Card Game


Hang Four™ details:

UPC CODE:0759751055141
ITEM SIZE:8 x 5.25 x 2.75
CARTON SIZE:11 x 8.7 x 8.7
How to Play

Fetch a wave with champion surf dogs Kelly Slobber, Riptail, and Jeff Spicollie in this totally bone-dacious card game. Get the most dogs on surfboards by cashing in sand dollars to retrieve cards. Roll over to the Dog Shack for a chance at collaring another player's cards. But watch out, greedy gulls may snatch your cash or a monster wave might cause a major wipe out! The player with the most complete surfboards is the top dog.

We took a highly unscientific poll of dogs from around the world and asked what sport they’d most likely be doing if they had more free time. The answer was nearly unanimous - surfing. So it seemed only natural to dedicate a game to this all too obvious cultural intersection. At the same time, it’s dedicated to all you humans who love to live vicariously through your pets. As you play, you’ll hone skills like quick decision making as well as probability. (Hint- you have a one in three chance of drawing a Wipe Out! card.) Before long, you’ll be trained like a champion surf dog and learn to live by their motto: “Stand. Stay. Good dog!”

enhances the following skills
  • Spatial Relations
  • Matching
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reviews and quotes

This fast-paced family game will keep everyone engaged whether they are sitting around the coffee table or even a campfire. Several testers noted that this was probably the first board game they had ever heard of, much less played, that had a surfing theme. There are very few rules to go through which means that you will be playing within minutes of opening the box. The brightly colored pieces seemed to be part of the draw, especially for younger players.

- The National Parenting Center


This set-collecting card game was an immediate hit. Our testers loved the bright, sunny graphics and fun-loving dogs sporting clever names like Terri Air and Kelly Slobber. It’s a fast-paced, exciting game that is a delight to play.

- Today's Parent Magazine


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