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The Crazy Animal Matching Card Game


Cuckoo Zoo™ details:

UPC CODE:0759751002290
ISBN #:1-932812-00-8
ITEM SIZE:5.75 x 4.75 x 1.5
CARTON SIZE:5.75 x 4.75 x 1.5
CARTON WEIGHT: 3.125 lbs.
How to Play

Hee-Haw, Baa-Baa, Oink! Get ready for a roaring good time in this off-the-wall card game. Try to be the first player out of cards by matching animals or colors. The trick is that every time you play a card, you must make the matching animal sound. But don't make a peep if the animal is red or else you collect cards! Colorful animals, crazy rules…crazy fun!

This just might be the craziest card game you ever play! Make animal sounds when you play cards, be quiet if the card is red, skip players with a cuckoo, play only donkey cards once someone plays a donkey card… The rules sound like something right out of Alice’s Wonderland. Actually, behind all of the madness is a terrific game that not only reinforces basic matching and memory skills but also teaches the importance of paying attention.

enhances the following skills
  • Color Identification
  • Shape Identification
  • Matching
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reviews and quotes

This silly animal-sound card game makes families roar with laughter! The game includes 78 animal cards and can be played by two to six players. The rules are similar to those of crazy eights but there is a twist. When players match up their cards they have to imitate the animals on the cards. Even if your pig sounds like a duck and you forget the rules that’s O.K. It just makes this silly game even sillier!

- Canadian Toy Testing Council


In a crazy cacophony of sounds and card slaps Cuckoo Zoo is a card game that will have you laughing and giggling as you play over and over again. The rules are easy to understand and in no time everyone is trying to imitate animal sounds, unless the cards tell them not to, which might be our favorite part of the game, watching players try to stop the sounds from coming out of their mouths. Cuckoo Zoo is quick and easy to play ensuring lots of repeat games.

- National Parenting Center


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